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Fuller, James L.
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It is summer break and Deborah is taking her niece Katie and nephew Tommy on a trip to the Familyland amazement park. Tommy just finished the fifth grade and has a spelling problem. He was caught cheating on a spelling test.. Katie just finished the fourth grade and has a reading problem. She is a year behind in her reading level. Their mother and Aunt Deborah want to help them with their problems during the summer. They run into a friend of Deborah's at the airport. It is Dr. Rob Patterns a Professor of Music at the college where Deborah works. Dr. Rob is headed for Familyworld. Dr. Rob gets on the wrong airplane and meets up with Deborah and her party. It turns out that Dr. Rob has a reading problem. The airplane goes through a bad thunderstorm. Everyone and everything are tossed about. During worst part of the storm, Deborah and the others find out that they are no longer on the airplane. Instead they have ended up on the floor of Glinda's library in Quadling Country of the Land of Oz.. Dorothy is there with Glinda. At first Dorothy and Glinda pretend that Dr. Rob is there by accident. Finally they admit that Dr. Rob has been invited to the Land of Oz to set up a Music Program for the Athletic College of Oz. While he is there they will try to help him with his reading problem. They will also try to help Katie with her reading problem and Tommy with his spelling problem. Will they be able find out the causes for the reading and spelling problems? Will Dr. Rob be able to set up the Music Department? Will everyone get to their destination in a timely fashion?

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