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Helda the Blue Witch of Oz

Fuller, James L.
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Peyton is thirteen years old. She thinks of herself as being an adult and has given up believing in fairytales like the Wizard of Oz. Peyton and her two cousins have been invited to visit their great Aunt and Uncle, Ida and Howard Diggs. The visit goes well. A neighbor invites Peyton to attend a street party. Peyton goes to the party and really enjoys herself. Meanwhile Ida, Howard, Sydney and Colton stay home and play board games. After the party Peyton returns home. No one is there. She searches the house. Not only are the others missing but their three magical flying machines are also missing. If Peyton didn’t know better she would think that Helda the Witch had kidnapped them again! Of course that was nonsense. She notices the hall by the master bedroom is dusty, so she get out a dust mop and starts dusting. As Peyton dusts the entrance to the bedroom, she thinks she sees some dust bunnies shirk and slides under the bed. As Peyton dusts by the dresser, she looks in the mirror and sees the dust bunnies once more. When she turns around they are gone. Peyton goes over to the bed and calls for the dust bunnies to come out. They come out. Peyton tells them about the disappearance of everyone and everything. They want to help. She asks the bunnies how they became alive. They tell her about a magic spot on the floor. Peyton uses the spot to bring the dust mop to life, almost. While Peyton works on making the dust mop fly so she can go to the Land of Oz and save the others, she remembers she is now an adult and doesn’t believe anything that is happening. Peyton thinks she is hallucinating because of something she drank at the party. So she just ignores everything and goes to bed. Will Peyton be able to believe in fairytales again? If so, will she be able to rescue everyone?

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