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Fuller, James L.
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Howard Diggs is the great-great-great-nephew of Oscar Diggs. Oscar is better known as the Wizard of Oz. Howard is moping around the house. He misses being able to fly on his flying vacuum cleaner called Victor. Unfortunately Victor can no long fly. This is also true of the Recharger a carpet sweeper and Mopsy a dust mop. All of them needed some old magic in Boxer in order to fly. Unfortunately all of Boxer's old magic is used up! Boxer was a box of magic that was a gift to Howard from his Uncle Oscar. He has helped Howard out of many a tight spot. Since Mopsy, Recharger and Victor could no longer fly, Howard hoped that no one would want to steal them any more. Ida, Howard's wife noticed Howard's moping. She suggested that he should make a haunted house for Halloween. Howard makes the haunted house with the aid of Ida and his great nephew and nieces, Colton, Sydney and Peyton. Howard likes the idea and makes a great haunted house. A month later the nephew and nieces visit again. Colton suggests his Aunt Ida make a banana squash pie. After some thought, Ida decides she can make the pie. While Ida is shopping for pie materials, Howard, Peyton, Sydney and Colton disappear from the house along with all the non- flying machines. Even Fastsweeper a family size witch's flying broom is missing. What will Ida do? How can she hope to get to the land of Oz without the use of a flying machine? What happened to Howard and the others? Who would want the non-flying machines? How can Ida help the others? Read the book and find out.

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