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Helda the Yellow Witch of Oz

Fuller, James L.
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Howard and Ida moved to Coos Bay, Oregon to get away from all the trouble with Helda the witch kiddnapping them from their purple house in Ontario. They painted the new house yellow. It was on the coast. They have their great-niece Sydney visiting them. She is age nine. For the first three days Sydney was shown the sights on the coast. The fourth day it rained so Sydney spent the day reading stories written by her uncle. Ida cooked one of her banana cream pies for dessert and took it to show to Howard. It was to be a surprise for Sydney. Sydney became hungry around dinner time. She went looking for their aunt and uncle to see about eating dinner. She couldn't find them anywhere. Sydney ended up in her aunt and uncle's bedroom. While Sydney sat on the bed wondering what to do, Snowball a hand-puppet that was brought to life using the Powder of Life asked what was wrong. Sydney told him. Snowball called Boxer to help them. He was a magical box that was used in case of a magical emergency. Boxer called for Sydney's bother Cdog and cousin Peyton to come help him. Unfortunately they were two hundred twenty miles away. Boxer asked for Victor, Fastsweeper and Recharger to help him. Victor was missing. Boxer had Sydney assemble Snowball and himself to the carpet sweeper called Recharger. Sydney flew to Oz on Recharger. On the way she ran through a bad rain storm and crashed The Tin Woodman and Scarecrow were sent to help Sydney. They were attacked by Nomes, Wheelers, and Winged Monkeys. It turned out that the King of the Winged monkeys was behind all the trouble. Will Sydney be able to rescue her aunt and uncle? Read the story to find out.

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