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Purple Bull From Oz, The

Fuller, James L.
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Tommy and Katie are on an autumn leaf gathering trip the Saturday before Thanksgiving, when they are delayed at a railroad crossing by the passing of the Santa Train. Children line the tracks and receive candy and toys being thrown from the train. Katie and Tommy are surprised to learn that train was started in 1943 to take candy and toys to poor children in out of the way places. Tommy tells his mother that he is glad that there aren't any people like that anymore. Katie agrees with Tommy. Both Katie and Tommy are surprised when their mother assures them that there are still poor people around. Even their hometown have thousands of them. Over half of the families in their county live below the poverty level. The day after Thanksgiving Tommy, Katie, their Mother Tammy and their Aunt Deborah plan to go to the big city on a Christmas shopping trip. It is a three-hour trip. The first two and three- quarters hours of the trip go without any problems. Suddenly a large bull appears on the road in front of their car. Steam is coming from his nostrils. He is mad! Tammy tries to dodge it, but the bull decides to charge the car. The bull hits the car and knocks it out of control. The car ends up on its side off the road. The bull also hits a van that was behind their car. The van is knocked over and slides out of control toward Tammy's car. Tammy's whole life flashes before eyes. What will become of Tammy and the others? Where did the bull come from? What have the bull and cars have to do with the Land of Oz? Read the story to find out.

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