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Thief, The (Ruby Slippers Volume 1)

Moon, Amanda Michelle
Spiraling Forward

Stealing the Ruby Slippers was easy. Jared broke into the museum, smashed the case, and got out without leaving any evidence. But when Hurricane Katrina wipes out the buyer he had lined up, he’s stuck. The country’s most famous shoes are hidden in his dirty laundry. The theft wasn’t just for fun— it was the last chance he had to pay back his gambling debts. His creditor won’t accept excuses and is done granting extensions. He’s going to have to pay, either in cash or blood. While he figures out what to do next, Jared’s girlfriend thinks it’s okay to wear the priceless artifacts. And now the police would like to ask him a few questions. Inspired by the real-life unsolved mystery, The Thief blends fact and fiction to keep you guessing until the last page.

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