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Land of Oz is For Everyone, The

Fuller, James L.
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Miss Gardener teaches a multi-cultural, multi-economic fifth grade class. The class is spending a week at a school camp. The members of the class do not respect each other as individuals. They try to play the game of house and end up quarreling with each other. The class has heard Miss Gardener say there are times she thinks that teaching this class is like being in the Land of Oz. The next thing anyone knows is that they are no longer at their camp. They have been transported to different parts of the great Land of Oz. While a worried Miss Gardener watches the progress of her students using Ozma's Magic Picture, her students must learn to get along and work together to get to the Emerald City of Oz and get help getting back home. One group of students ended up in the Land of Ev, north-west of the Land of Oz. They have to face the Wheelers and Nomes and a very long walk to the Emerald City. Another group of students ends up in a dark forest. They are stuck with a handicapped person. They need to find north and get past the Fighting Trees. The third group ends up in a large field of blue grass. They need to find a real leader. Then they need to find the Yellow Brick Road and get past a giant porcupine and the Bubble Gum Geyser. At first her students just behave as they are used to doing. They are unable to make any progress at helping each other. Will Miss Gardener believe this trip to Oz is real? Can her students learn to appreciate each other? Will they manage to get home?

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