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Over the Rainbow (Book & Audio CD)

Harburg, E. Y.
Collins, Judy
Here 10781078.jpg
Puybaret, Eric
Imagine/Peter Yarrow

In this unique offering of a book and CD recorded by Judy Collins, take a magical journey over the rainbow... This classic song has been transformed into a magnificent picture book and CD set. Breathtaking and magical artwork by Eric Puybaret--who painted the critically-acclaimed illustrations that helped turn PUFF, THE MAGIC DRAGON into a blockbuster bestseller--will carry young readers from a little red farmhouse up over the rainbow, into the sky where bluebirds fly and castles rise high in the clouds, and beyond. The extraordinary soundtrack for this book is performed by Judy Collins, who has recorded what might be the very best version of "Over the Rainbow" ever sung. The winner of a Grammy Award, Collins' glorious voice is one of the most admired of the 20th and 21st centuries. Her version of this classic will delight and touch the heart of every parent and child who listens. As an added bonus, the enclosed CD also contains two delightful additional songs recorded by Judy Collins: "White Choral Bells" and "I See the Moon."

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