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Short and Sweet: The Life and Times of the Lollipop Munchkin

Maren, Jerry
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Cumberland House, Nashville, TN

Jerry Maren is perhaps the most famous little person alive. When he came from Boston to California's Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios to work as the Lollipop Munchkin in The Wizard of Oz, he was just over three feet tall. Short and Sweet is his memoir of a sixty-plus-year career -- from The Adventures of Superman to Seinfeld -- in which he carved his own niche in Hollywood. Short and Sweet is a lavishly illustrated treasury of old Hollywood that will amaze and entertain anyone who loves popular culture. It features candid commentary, mostly unpublished photographs, and a tell-all attitude. Maren writes of: How he ended up in Hollywood to make The Wizard of Oz while still in his teens. Life on the set with Judy Garland and 120 little people. The truth about rumors of drunken orgies and wild parties at the Culver Hotel. What it was like to work with the Marx Brothers and to have dinner at Groucho's home. USO tours during World War II with the midget wrestling act. Being hired to dress up as a baby and pee on Jimmy Stewart at the actor's bachelor party. Touring as Little Oscar in the Weinermobile. His experiences as Buster Brown on television in the 1950's. Working in television and radio in the Our Gang comedies and with Red Skelton, Jimmy Durante, Lucille Ball, Edgar Bergen, Andy Williams -- even Tiny Tim. Performing at the White House dressed as Freddy the Frog ...and much more.

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