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Teacher of Oz: Educational Chaos You Just Can

Hill, Lisa
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Teacher of Oz gives readers not only an insight of how the author views her world as an educator but also the little secrets that can occur within a school. Friends, family, even the author's husband, continually dismiss the profession of teaching. Yet, the Teacher of Oz battles back and lets the world in on how hard and crazy the life of an educator really is. Readers can gain knowledge and understand the true importance of education while having a good laugh along the way. The story begins with the author comparing her teaching experience to the world in the Wizard of Oz. From high school to landing in Oz for her interview with the Ozian leaders, Teacher of Oz sets the stage for the next 17 years of the author's teaching career. The author states her beliefs about education and why the public can't seem to take it to the next level. Despite her new school's dysfunction, the Teacher of Oz, with the help of Dorothy and gang, she begins a quest to help educate and nurture children for a brighter future.

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