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Royal Explorers of Oz: Book 1

Mebes, Marcus
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Garcia, Alex
Troutman, John
Pumpernickle Pickle

Ruth Plumly Thompson set up a grand adventure with her book CAPTAIN SALT IN OZ, but alas... that adventure was yet to be recorded. At last, The Royal Explorers of Oz, a new trilogy by Marcus Mebes, Jared Davis, and Jeff Rester, explores long forgotten lands and secrets hidden about the Nonestic Continent. What ever happened to the pirates of Pirate Island from L. Frank Baum's JOHN DOUGH AND THE CHERUB? How about Prince Bobo from RINKITINK IN OZ? What are the latest happenings in Ev, Ix, Mo, the Jalacasco Islands, and even Ozamaland? Well, put on your best pirate gear and join us for a rolicking adventure around the entire continent... and beyond!

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