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Magic Umbrella of Oz, The

Dana, Paul
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Raza, Jaun
Royal Publisher of Oz, The

Ojo and Button-Bright have saved Oz from a powerful fairy, but they’ve also unleashed an ancient menace: the dreaded Piper who long ago peopled the Mountain Phantastico with evil spirits. When a vengeful Yookoohoo falls into the Piper’s power and steals Button-Bright’s Magic Umbrella, the two boys set out on a desperate quest into Queen Lurline’s amazing past to confront the Wicked Witch of the East in her lair! Can the boys find a way to outwit the Piper, the Witch, and the Yookoohoo? And what do a seer, a pair of famous shoes, and a dirty young rascal from 18th Century London have to do with it all? Ojo and Button-Bright will learn astonishing secrets about themselves, their home, and the Magic Umbrella of Oz!

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