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Law of Oz, The

Dana, Paul
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Carbajal, Patricio
Jenellen, Theresa
Utomo, Gabhor
Royal Publisher of Oz, The

Who was the legendary Queen Lurline? How and why did she enchant the Land of Oz long ago in the forgotten past? These questions launch best friends Ojo and Button-Bright on a perilous journey in time to the beginnings of Oz! On their journey, they encounter old villains and discover magic-wielding Yookoohoos, a mysterious hidden land, and the dark history of the Phanfasms. Momentous changes and astonishing revelations alter the lives our boyish heroes, which ultimately pit them against the law of Oz itself. The Law of Oz comprises three connected novellas and a bonus short story. Harmonious with L. Frank Baum and the original Oz books, The Law of Oz is designed to look and feel like the Oz books of old. This is a larger than usual hardcover at 460 pages, and is fully illustrated by three renowned artists, Patricio Carbajal, Teresa Jenellen and Gabhor Utomo. Travel through time into the days of Oz's first enchantment and the fairylands beyond OZ!

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