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Oziana #38

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International Wizard of Oz Club

The issue's theme is "Somewhere Beyond the Sea." Sea fairies, Pirates, and the Nonestic Ocean, oh my! • Find out if Ozma is really capable of administering capital punishment in "Executive Decisions" by David Tai and Kim McFarland. Remember old Mombi and her fate in The Lost King of Oz? There might just be more to the story than we know. • If you crash Queen Zixi of Ix's birthday party, you'd better know what kind of gift to bring. Prince Bobo of Boboland runs afoul of King Bud of Noland and the Red Jinn of Ev in Jared Davis' "Bud and the Red Jin, or, Always Look a Gift Goat in the Mouth, with gorgeous illustrations by Anna-Maria Cool. • Back in L. Frank Baum's The Sea Fairies, the Devil Fish Prince's successor took his place, but is he just as bad, and can Polychrome do anything about it? Find out in "Polychrome Visits the Sea Fairies" by Gina Wickwar, with illustrations by Alex Garcia. • What is the significance of the Hungry Tiger's purple stripes, and why is he so hungry? Find out in "Thy Fearful Symmetry" by Jeff Rester, with illustrations by Dennis Anfuso. • And finally, going back to Oziana 2003, Maria Baker and Derek Designer get to take their long-awaited trip on the Crescent Moon in "The Bashful Baker's Honeymoon" by Marcus Mebes, illustrated by Alex Garcia.

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