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Oziana #36

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International Wizard of Oz Club

“The Wailing Witch of Oz” is a ghost story written by Daniel Gobble and illustrated by John Mundt, Esq. News of a death in Oz has brought Dorothy, the Wizard, and the Sawhorse to the very edge of the Gillikin Country. On the high bluffs they find a town haunted by the past, its people hiding a secret as deadly as the desert below. “Rivals,” a biting poem by Adrian Korpel, reimagines the feelings of Dorothy’s three companions as she leaves them for the first time. David Lee Ingersoll supplied the dramatic artwork. “The Axman’s Arm,” by J. L. Bell with drawings by David Lee Ingersoll, is a horror tale from the dark Munchkin woods. When Ku-Klip built a new man from the chopped-up body parts lying around his tinsmith’s shop, he discovered that there was no left arm. What could have happened to the left arm of a bewitched woodchopper? On the front cover is a photograph by Peter Huoppi titled “Monkey on the Roof.” For more about the monkey in this image, see Monkeys with Wings, in particular the work of sculptor Steve Larrabee.

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