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Powder of Life, The: A Sequel to the Novel Silver Shoes

Schneider, Paul Miles
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IUniverse, Inc.

More than a week has passed since sixth-grader Donald Gardner left Germany after facing an evil sorcerer in the woods. He's back in the classroom again, trying hard to adapt to a normal life and fit in. But on his way home from school, a familiar rabbit missing a pocket watch delivers a grim warning message that his life is in danger now. With orders to find and return the watch, Donald and his friends Jon and Chris begin an incredible new adventure. A scheduled tour of a hidden FBI facility also unlocks secrets about Oz, our world, and other distant lands, causing friction between the Gardner family, George Clarke, and the agents who seek their help so desperately. They learn about The Powder of Life there, a magic substance that gives life to lifeless objects and prolongs it for the living. Meanwhile, a sinister caller with supernatural powers takes refuge at a tavern on the outskirts of the German forest. The innkeeper and two travelers are soon trapped by his spells as they toil ceaselessly to assist him. The world and everything in it is changing rapidly as Donald and his friends fight to save it.

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