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Dorothy Through the Looking Glass (Oz-Wonderland Series Volume 2)

Glick, Ron
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Kerr, Toni
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Comic/Graphic Novel/Manga

The Wizard's journey to Wonderland has exposed a shared history between that faery land and Oz - but the meaning behind the connection is still largely a mystery. Dorothy and Alice have come together to save Wonderland, but can they do anything before the Wicked Witches succeed in taking over Oz? With the looming conflict already threatening two worlds, the path ahead leads Dorothy to a third: a mysterious unnamed world that exists on the other side of a mirror in the university at Oxford - where reality itself has been set backwards, and Dorothy finds that entering this particular faery land may end up being a one-way trip. Meanwhile, Alice must come to grips with what Wonderland did to her all those years ago. Written with a faithful eye to the original Baum and Carroll classics, Dorothy Through the Looking Glass continues the epic adventure that brings together both classic heroines from Oz and Wonderland in a new modern story.

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