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2009: Dark Oz: Of Courage And Witchcraft

2009: L. Frank Baum And The Perfect Murder

2010: Borrowing Shop of Oz, The

2010: Learn 'Em Good - Reading Comprehension - The Wizard of Oz: Improve Your Child's Reading Comprehension, Writing, Vocabulary, and Communication Skills with L. Frank Baum's The Wizard of Oz

2010: Whatever Happened to Dorothy of Oz?

2010: Wiz of Iz, The

2011: Dr. Todd and the Magical Dental Chair to Oz

2011: Helda the Red Witch of Oz

2011: Of Cabbages, Kings and Even (Odd) Queens of Wonderland and Oz: A Gothic Young Adult Crossover Novel (Volume 1)

2012: After the Wizard

2012: Da Yeller Brick Road

2012: Dorothy and the Lost Coal Mine to Oz

2012: Dorothy Gale: Vampire Hunter: Gathering Dark (Volume 1)

2012: Giant Chinchilla of Oz, The

2012: Helda the Blue Witch of Oz

2012: Helda the Green Witch of Oz

2012: Helda the Yellow Witch of Oz

2012: Land of Oz is For Everyone, The

2012: Mutiny In The Land Of Oz

2012: Ozian Adventure of Pickleless & Blu, The

2012: Quest For The Dark Well In The Land Of Oz

2012: Reading Help in Oz

2012: Real Wizard of Oz, The

2012: Red Gorilla of Oz, The

2012: Royal Historian of Oz, The

2012: Santa Claus in Oz

2012: Wizard of Oz Encyclopedia, The: The Ultimate Guide to the Characters, Lands, Politics, and History of Oz

2013: Dorothy Through the Looking Glass (Oz-Wonderland Series Volume 2)

2013: Emily Goes to Oz

2013: Essential Wizard of Oz: 101 Things You Didn't Know About the Most-Watched Movie in Film History, The

2013: Northern Oz - Beyond the Yellow Brick Road

2013: Oz, Wizard Deluxe

2013: Purple Bull From Oz, The

2013: Red Brick Road, The

2013: Refugees From The Emerald City

2013: Shirley Temple and Judy Garland: Hollywood's Most Famous Child Stars

2013: Storybook Square

2013: Wizard In Wonderland, The (Oz-Wonderland Series Volume 1)

2013: Wonderful Images of Oz

2014: Bad Wizard

2014: Paradise Lost (The Wizard of Oz: Dark Witch Rising Volume 3)

2014: Thea of Oz (The Ozite Cycle) (Volume 1)

2014: Under The Rainbow: The Return From Oz

2014: Witch Hunt (The Wizard of Oz: Dark Witch Rising Book 2)

2014: Wonderful Alice of Oz, The (Oz-Wonderland Series Volume 3)

2015: Baum Ass Stories: Twistered Tales of Oz

2015: Dorothy Gale: Vampire Hunter 2: Darkness Falls (Volume 2)

2015: Evil of Oz, The

2015: Flight to Oz, The: Book I: Arrival

2015: Glinda Letters, The (The Hidden History of Oz)

2015: Key to Oz, The

2015: Lonely Phonograph of Oz, The

2015: Marvelous Neverland of Oz, The (Oz-Wonderland Series Volume 4)

2015: Minecraft Steve Adventures: The Wizard Of Iz (Graphic Novel)

2015: Tabby Abacus and the Dangerbread House (The Hidden History of Oz)

2015: Tik-Tok and the TimeKeeper's Clock

2015: Topaz Road, The: Book One of The Topaz Road Trilogy

2015: Undead Oz: A Trip To The Land Down Under

2015: Witch Of Zal, The

2015: Wonderful Wizard of Oz Gangster Style, The

2016: Blackjack: Dark End of the Rainbow (Rapid Fire) (Volume 1)

2016: Darkness Bites: Volume 5

2016: Dorothy and the City of Green Glass: Book Two of The Topaz Road Trilogy

2016: Dorothy and the Four Corners of Magic: Book One of The Topaz Road Trilogy

2016: Dorothy: Part One - The Heart & The Demon

2016: No Wizard Required: 20 Spiritual Lessons Dorothy learned on her journey to Oz

2016: Orb of Neverland, The

2016: Other Wizard of Oz, The (Shadow of Oz Volume 3)

2016: Oz Files, The

2016: Oz Sucks

2016: Oz Will Fall: The Royal Marriage

2016: Oz: The Time of Shadows

2016: Queen of Oz, The (Lost and Found Literature) (Volume 1)

2016: Road to Oz, The: Question and Answer Book

2016: Taunt: A Twisted Wolf Tale

2016: There's No Place Like Home

2016: Wastelands of Oz (Return to Oz: Volume 1)

2016: Wizard of Oz as a Parable, The

2016: Wizard of Oz Coloring Book, The

2016: Wonderful Andrew of Oz, The: A

2016: Wonderful Wizard of Bacon, The

2016: Zosozo in Oz (The Ozite Cycle) (Volume 2)

2017: Breaking Silver: Part 3

2017: Breaking Silver: Part 4

2017: Dark Dreams in Oz (The Hidden History of Oz)

2017: Dark Wind in Oz: An Epic Fairy Tale Adventure (The Hidden History of Oz)

2017: Flight to Oz Book II: Anusha of Oz, The

2017: Glinda's Letters to Oz (The Hidden History of Oz)

2017: Lucid Land Of Oz, The

2017: Manor House of Oz

2017: Orphan Sorceress of Oz, The: An Epic Fairy Tale Adventure (The Hidden History of Oz)

2017: Prankster of Oz, The

2017: Return From Oz

2017: Ruby Slips and Poker Chips: The Modern Tale of Dorothy Gale

2017: Why I Am Still a Catholic: From the Land of OZ to the Subversive Nazarene Truth (Volume 3)

2017: Wonderful Whoah Wizard Of Oz, The

2017: Wonderland: Land of Oz - Where Is That Wizard (Wonderland: The Fairytale Continues Volume 5)

2018: As The Stars Allow

2018: Breaking Silver: Parts 6 and 7

2018: First Witches of Oz, The

2018: Getting Back to Oz Book 2: Dorothy's Wisdom

2018: Guardian Martyr: An Epic Fairy Tale Adventure (Hidden Heroes of Oz)

2018: Magic Belt, The

2018: Misty Shadows of OZ (The Forgotten Children of Oz Volume 1)

2018: Ruby Caverns of Oz (The Ozite Cycle) (Volume 3)

2018: Shirley Temple, Judy Garland, and Mickey Rooney: Hollywood’s Child Stars of the 1930s

2018: Wonderful Animated World of The Wizard of Oz, The

2019: Beaut Book Of The Happy Hamburgs, The

2019: Delish Daughters Of Diverse Destiny

2019: Poetic Phoebe Daring

2021: Real Wizard of Oz: The Life and Times of L. Frank Baum, The

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