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News from Glinda's Great Book of Records
Books of Oz

Books published by Buckethead Enterprises of Oz:

1986: Third Book of Oz, The

1986: Toto in Oz

1986: Yellow Fog Over Oz

1987: Braided Man of Oz, The

1987: Mister Flint in Oz

1987: Two Terrific Tales of Oz - Unk Nunkie and the White King of Oz/Betsy Bobbin of Oz

1988: Acinad Goes to the Emerald City of Oz

1988: Enchanted Gnome of Oz, The

1988: Gardener's Boy of Oz, The

1988: Veggy Man in Oz

1988: Viking in Oz, A

1989: Deadly Desert Around Oz, The

1989: Magic Diamond of Oz, The

1989: Song of Oz

1990: Colorful Kitten of Oz, The

1990: Dorothy Returns to Oz

1990: Mysterious Caverns of Oz, The

1990: On Submitting Manuscripts to Buckethead Enterprises of Oz

1990: Silver Shoes of Oz, The

1990: Wonderful Journey in Oz, A

1991: Crocheted Cat in Oz, The

1991: Dagmar in Oz

1991: Dinamonster of Oz, The

1991: Fairy Circle in Oz, The

1991: Fantastic Funhouse of Oz, The

1992: Bungle and the Magic Lantern of Oz

1992: Lunarr and Maureen in Oz

1992: Magic Tapestry of Oz, The

1992: Skeezik and the Mys Tree of Oz

1993: Case of the Framed Fairy of Oz, The

1993: Cory in Oz

1993: Emerald Ring of Oz, The

1993: Flying Bus in Oz, The

1993: Invisible Inzi of Oz

1993: Lunechien Forest of Oz, The

1993: Magic Ruby of Oz, The

1993: Queer Quest for Oz, A

1993: Wooglet in Oz

1994: Brewster Bunny and the Case of the Outrageous Enchantments of Oz

1994: Egor's Funhouse Goes to Oz

1994: Kaliko in Oz

1994: Marvelous Monkeys of Oz, The

1994: Odd Tale of Osoenft in Oz, The

1994: Red Reera the Yookoohoo and the Enchanted Easter Eggs of Oz

1994: Short Short Oz Story, A

1994: Silver Elf in Oz, A

1995: Haunted Castle of Oz, The

1995: Healing Power of Oz, The

1995: Lost Emeralds of Oz, The

1995: Seven Blue Mountains of Oz, The: Book 1 - The Disenchanted Princess of Oz

1995: Shifting Sands of Oz, The

1996: Fwiirp in Oz

1996: Pegasus in Oz

1996: Tin Castle of Oz, The

1997: Forest Monster of Oz, The

1997: Joust in Oz, The

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