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Ophie Out of Oz

O'Dell, Kathleen
Dial Books

Fourth-grader Ophie Peeler was popular in her school in California, where she enjoyed singing and performing, and had a best friend. Now that her family has moved to Oregon, life is different. She seeks the friendship of two snobbish girls who make car commercials for the local TV station, but they are unreceptive. To Ophie's dismay, odd, unpopular Brittany Borg is the only one who seems to pay attention to her. Then she receives an autographed, Japanese poster of the popular group Bailey Broz from her father, who works overseas. Suddenly, the TV Girls are interested in her. She spends time with them, alienates Brittany, learns the truth about fame and friendship, and restores her friendship with Brittany. Ophie considers herself like Dorothy, destined for a great adventure, but her search for her missing red shoes ends in the realization that she has outgrown them. Readers will identify with this likable protagonist and her journey to self-discovery.

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