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News from Glinda's Great Book of Records
Invisible Princes, The

Bachnow, Nikolai
Ernst, Hans-Eberhard

Outrageous things are happening in the magic land, even in the emerald city itself. Shops are robbed in broad daylight, entire herds of cattle are driven away, and the most ghostly thing is that the robbers cannot be seen, or at best, as greenish shadows. When the old fisherman Pet Riva, who has made a name for himself as a hobby magician, is finally kidnapped along with his sloop, the wise Scheuch has to do something. Together with the lion and the lumberjack, he goes in search of traces. It turns out that descendants from the former subterranean kingdoms commit the crimes. When the ore tombs at that time returned to the earth's surface years ago, some cave dwellers had remained in the vaults and founded their own state. The Green Prince, an evil and aggressive ruler, had taken the lead after all kinds of power struggles. Now he wants to wage war on the emerald city in order to get wealth and food supplies. Through a water that makes invisible, the bandits seem unassailable. But after dangerous adventures in the extensive underground cave system, in which Jessica, Betty Strubbelhaar and the brave dog Knacks also take part, the friends find an antidote. So they are well prepared when the robbers start the decisive fight. Another exciting book full of surprises from this series.

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