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Treasure of the Emerald Bees, The

Bachnow, Nikolai
Ernst, Hans-Eberhard

Exciting events and exciting adventures characterize this third volume of the Möckel series. This has to do with a treasure that is hidden deep in the forests of the magical land and is guarded by the people of the emerald bees. If the treasure is lost, the bee colony must die. The Großohr brothers, so called because one on the right and the other on the left has a huge listening spoon, set off into the jungle to steal the treasure. Despite heavy sluggishness when encountering powerful trees, glass fish, aggressive monkeys and the witty Minni spider, they reach their destination. The bees with their queen, a fairy, fight back, but are soon close to death. They can only get a respite. The authors pull out all the stops to use the primevalness and beauty of the jungle for their representation. Since the rascals rely on the Wise Scheuch during their raid, this double reason has to rush to help the bees with his friends, the lion, the lumberjack, Princess Betty, Jessica and the elephant Dickhaut. A daring balloon ride, encounters with a wisp, with a shadow raven and the fog monster lead to surprising incidents, and so the rescue of the magnificent bees is on the brink until the very end.

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