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News from Glinda's Great Book of Records
Serpent with Amber Eyes, The

Bachnow, Nikolai
Ernst, Hans-Eberhard

In the south of the magical land is a castle that once belonged to the witch Bastinda. But Bastinda is dead and the castle falls into disrepair. After a long, hot summer in which all the streams ran dry, the grass in the courtyard ignites and all that remains of the formerly magnificent palace is embers and ashes. But the beautiful and sneaky snake Lelia, a creature of Bastinda, crawls out of the ashes, and the shadow of the witch is also breathed new life into the embers. In the magical land everything is now going peacefully, nobody suspects anything of these events. Bastinda's shadow, however, seeks revenge. With the help of the snake, his goal is to rob the wise Scheuch of his needle brain, the lion his courage and the lumberjack his compassionate heart. The ruler of the emerald city and his friends cluelessly fall into the trap. But there is still Princess Betty - Scheuch's wife -, the brave girl Jessica, the elephant thick skin and last but not least Larry Katzenschreck, the lightning-clever mouse who also knows snakes ... With its diverse adventures, its surprises and the always flashing humor, this second volume of the new series fits seamlessly into the fantastic story of the famous fairytale kingdom.

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