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Lunarr and Maureen in Oz

Dulabone, Chris
Mebes, Marcus
Buckethead Enterprises of Oz

This tale is more episodic than plot-oriented, although there are a few goals in the story. One Wilken McKenzie is hot on the trail of his student, Oakburp Gakky, in order that he may plagiarize his latest research. Toto and Lunarr are reunited in this quest, as Wilken has managed to fool them into thinking that he only wants to help his favorite student. An exciting battle with an evil witch is also in the works and there are tantalizing hints of BEOO books and characters past and future. Research student Oakburp Gakky has quite an interesting ending in store for you. This book, like A Viking in Oz, was intended to be an educational book as well as an entertaining story. The educational factor is much less prominent in this story, however, as there is no historical background. Instead, there are review questions at the end of each chapter, which should encourage children to get more out of the story. In an effort to combat illiteracy, author Chris Dulabone has used several extremely unusual words in this story, and it can be quite confusing to sort out just what's what. It's OK, though, as there is a glossary at the back, so you will have no trouble differentiating a quefolme tadoler with a sudnop. The story itself is well-written, with only a tiny amount of preachiness. While Chris traditionally puts distractions of many kinds into his story, this time there were not many and they barely get in the way of this good story.

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