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Skeezik and the Mys Tree of Oz

Mebes, Marcus
Baxter, Pam
Reggiardo, Juan
Sandbothe, Peter
Mebes, Marcus
Buckethead Enterprises of Oz

This was the first of the "Skeezik" books. It is also the most tightly woven. There are "stuffed in" short stories. But they are part of the overall plot. They are not too intrusive. The story is more involved than most of the later efforts. It makes for a much more pleasing read. This book is easy to recommend for that reason. Sadly, some of the inserts contain "reality" elements that are not very Ozlike. Still, there is nothing here that is worse than anything I've seen in a TV episode of "The Lone Ranger." There are angry killer robots that turn on their creator. There is a bag lady that is mugged by gang members who look like an 80's rock band. But there are also pleasing episodes, such as a pretty retelling of "Sleeping Beauty" and a touching rendition of the "Echo" myth. Uneven, but overall good. Mebes' illustrations are excellent, and he only gets better in his later books.

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