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Your Yellow Brick Road, Grab Toto and Run! : How Many Times Have You Known Exactly What to Say an Hour After You Should Have?

Jackson, Lyman C.
Developmental Studies
Self Help

The back of the book says this about the book, "We all are faced by the challenges of the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion. Find the truth of their journey and with it your personal Yellow Brick Road. Whether it's a challenge of the moment or a deeper crisis in life, most of us have come to the sudden discovery that we are missing out on what life really has to offer. Critical decisions in meetings, in sales and in life are often missed and realized after it is too late. "If only I had..." becomes a familiar personal keynote. [In this book] You will learn: How to give the right answer at the right time; How to awaken your true personal resource; Exercises for melting away personal obstacles; and Some of the hidden secrets of the Wizard of Oz. The steps contained in this book have shown thousands of people how to make themselves well centered, more strongly linked to their surroundings, and clearly better able to meeting challenges arising in their lives."

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