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100 Years of Oz: A Century of Classic Images from the Wizard of Oz Collection of Willard Carroll

Fricke, John
Stewart, Tabori & Chang, New York

The Wizard of Oz bears the remarkable distinction of being a perennial favorite in both book and movie form, the former for a solid century. Since the first Wizard of Oz book appeared just as the American merchandising machine was swinging into full gear, the characters of Oz have also been immortalized in a century's worth of memorabilia. In 100 Years of Oz, John Fricke takes the reader through the remarkable history of L. Frank Baum's creation, lavishly illustrating the progression with pieces from Willard Carroll's Oz collection. This collection is in itself a stunning monument to one man's obsession, albeit a charming one. Once you get past the sheer enormity of the accumulation, though, the individual pieces themselves are well worth a look. They range from the expected, such as dolls and comic books, to themed peanut butter and "hangers from the Merrie Land of Oz." Posters, ads, and jacket covers from the many stage, film, and book versions of the Oz series from all over the world are also included and make for more lovely eye candy. 100 Years of Oz is the perfect gift for hardcore Wizard aficionados, but it also gives the casual fan plenty to ogle, as well as a new appreciation of just how enduring this classic series has been.

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