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Wizard of Oz, The: Shaping an Imaginary World

Rahn, Suzanne
Twayne Publishers, New York
Literary Criticism

In this study, we learn about the long series of Oz books that Baum went on to write. They became not only the most popular fantasy series in the history of children's literature, but the most controversial as well. In revealing the critical history of the first novel, and its sequels, Rahn cites the defenders of Oz. These critics whose appreciative essays comprise the earliest critical analyses of Baum's work, include, among others, Ray Bradbury and Gore Vidal. Later pieces by writers like Osmond Beckwith and Salman Rushdie complete the picture to give us a wide variety of the critical perspectives on and literary importance of Baum's classic fairy tale. The Wizard of Oz: Shaping an Imaginary World, is an invaluable reference for teachers and students alike on the elementary, secondary, and university levels. Complete with a detailed chronology and annotated bibliography, this timely assessment also addresses both recent scholarship and the popular concerns of modern readers (and viewers) drawn to this worldwide favorite among American masterpieces.

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