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Munchkins of Oz, The

Cox, Stephen
Cumberland House, Nashville, TN

Popular showbiz historian Cox departs from his usual fare of hokey TV shows like The Munsters and I Dream of Jeannie to revise and retitle his 1989 book about the midgets who impersonated the Munchkins in the 1939 Hollywood classic The Wizard of Oz. Cox tells where they came from (many were European immigrants, and the core of their ranks were professional performers from the troupe Singer's Midgets), how they fared during filming (Toto got paid more per week than any of them), what they did off the set (nothing like the carousing Judy Garland told Jack Paar about 20 years later), and what thereafter became of those among them who stayed in show business. Sidebars on the major regular-sized Wizard participants and other pertinent topics fill out the text, and a huge helping of riveting photos ensures that this item will be heavily browsed for years to come.

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