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Scarecrow of Oz, The

Baum, Lyman Frank
Neill, John Rea
Reilly & Britton, Chicago

This is the Oz book which L. Frank Baum considered his best. It starts quietly enough with Trot and Cap'n Bill rowing along a shore of the Pacific Ocean to visit one of the many caves near their home on the California coast. Suddenly, a mighty whirlpool engulfs them. The old sailorman and the little girl are miraculously saved and regain consciousness to find themselves in a sea cavern. (To this day, Trot asserts she felt mermaid arms around her during those terrible moments under water.) From here on, one perilous adventure crowds in upon another. In Jinxland they meet the Scarecrow who takes charge of things once Cap'n Bill is transformed into a tiny grasshopper with a wooden leg. An exciting royal reception greets the adventurers upon their return to the Emerald City. The Scarecrow visits an odd corner of Oz. There he helps rescue an enchanted princess and place her on the throne which is rightfully hers. At the same time he meets Trot and Cap’n Bill and Button Bright from the United States and one of the most incredible creatures ever to appear inside an Oz book—the Ork from Orkland. Through dangers and exciting times, despite a cruel king and wicked witch, the faithful Scarecrow guides his friends until they are at last honored guests of Ozma in the Emerald City.

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