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Sky Island

Baum, Lyman Frank
Neill, John Rea
Reilly & Britton, Chicago

When Button-Bright found an old umbrella in the attic of his Philadelphia home, he thought it was just an ordinary umbrella. But he soon learned it was a magic umbrella (which had belonged to an Arabian Knight) and that it would carry him anywhere in the world--or out of it. Thus his adventures began. First he flew to Buffalo, then to Chicago, to Denver, and finally to California, where he met Trot and her companion, Cap'n Bill. Later, by mischance, the umbrella carried the trio to a magical floating island far above the sunset clouds. Their adventure might have ended grimly in the mysterious twilightland of the Blues if they hadn't met Polychrome, the Rainbow's Daughter. Their escape, with her aid, to the dawn-lit land of the Pinks--and the resulting war between the Blues and the Pinks--makes Sky Island one of the best of L. Frank Baum's stories. Trot and Cap'n Bill meet Button-Bright (from The Road to Oz), and the three of them take an excursion with his magic umbrella. But when the umbrella whisks them off to an island in the sky, they are caught in two different countries that don't want them there. Too bad the umbrella's been stolen... (Also features Polychrome, the Rainbow's Daughter, from The Road to Oz.)

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