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Sea Fairies, The

Baum, Lyman Frank
Neill, John Rea
Reilly & Britton, Chicago

Children and adults will be delighted to follow the adventures of Trot and her companion Cap'n Bill, who we first meet in this series as they make their way into the mysterious fairydom that lies under the sea. Trot and Cap'n Bill begin their adventures in a row boat that goes into a cave off the California shore only to meet and get transformed into mermaids in order to visit the sea fairies of Queen Aquariene, and meet the fearsome but wonderful sea-serpent King Anko, King of the Ocean. With Merla the mermaid as their guide they meet many of the ocean's denizens until they run afoul of Zog the terrible and his sea devils who imprison our heroes. How they are rescued and return to their home makes for a fine adventure, a true joy. Trot Griffiths and her chum, the sailor Cap'n Bill, are given a tour of the oceans by the mermaids. But when an old enemy of the sea fairies comes seeking revenge, Trot and Cap'n Bill are caught in the middle...

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