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Oz (Comic Series #1-20 & 12 Special Issues)

Griffith, Ralph
Kerr, Stuart
Bryan, Bill
Caliber Comics
Comic/Graphic Novel/Manga

Oz is a comic book series created by Ralph Griffth (plotter), Stuart Kerr (scripter), and Bill Bryan, artist. The series was begun by Caliber Comics. It ran for twenty issues, six specials, and two three-issue limited series detailing the romance of the Scarecrow and Scraps, the Patchwork Girl, who create a child using the Powder of Life, in spite of Scraps's discomfort with the Scarecrow's new personality. Jack Pumpkinhead was possessed and destroyed in the Daemonstorm company-wide crossover. After twenty issues, the series was revived by Arrow Comics as Dark Oz for five issues, climaxing the story arc. Nine issues followed titled The Land of Oz which presented a more orthodox vision of Oz, which was also shown in Oz issue zero.

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