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News from Glinda's Great Book of Records
Return of Oz, The

Sundstrom, Daniel H.
RoseDog Books

One day young Emily Gale, daughter of Dorothy and namesake of her Great Auntie Em, finds Dorothy's ruby shoes, which traveled back to Kansas with her. She had heard her mother's tales and dreamed of her own adventures in the Land of Oz. Although everyone else claimed her mother's tales were fantasies, Emily wonders if the shoes could really bring her to the Land of Oz. So she tries them on. Emily finds herself at the Emerald City, where the Lion, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Man have gathered to help fight the Witch of the South. The Witch of the South came to power after Dorothy eliminated the wicked witches of the East and West. She desired to rule the entire Land of Oz. When Emily arrives, they all agree with Glinda that the shoes have provided them with an advantage with which to defeat the Witch of the South. It is decided that Emily, wearing the shoes, the Lion, the Tin Man, and the Scarecrow will travel to the Southlands to confront the witch. As they travel south, the quartet encounters the professor, who had been accidentally set adrift trying to help Dorothy and was now traveling the Southlands in his balloon. After reacquainting themselves and introducing Emily, a plan is devised to journey to the witch's castle disguised as a traveling circus. As they get closer to the Deep South, they hear rumors of a wizard in league with the witch. But the ruby chest Emily must obtain has a great price: her traveling companions must surrender their attributes received from the professor. The professor had bargained for them prior to arriving in the Land of Oz, and the Monarch of Mo wants them back. After her companions agree, Emily returns to the Land of Mo and completes her quest.

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