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Queer Visitors From the Marvelous Land of Oz

Baum, Lyman Frank
Denslow, William Wallace
Neill, John Rea
McDougall, Walt
Sunday Press
Comic/Graphic Novel/Manga

This presents a long-hidden treasure from the Land of Oz. In 1904 Baum, wrote a story specifically for the Sunday color comic sections. These pages, illustrated by comic pioneer McDougall, ran for 36 weeks and feature some of the most innovative comic strip layouts of the era. In addition, the book features all 13 episodes of a second 1904-05 Oz Sunday feature, Scarecrow and Tinman, by famed Oz illustrator Denslow. This sumptuous volume also includes never reprinted Denslow comics from 1901-03, such as Billy Bounce (the first superhero of the comics) as well as beautiful comic features from McDougall and Oz illustrator John R. Neill. A high-quality production, full of rarely seen comic gems in their original size and colors.

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