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Lost Coal Mine to Oz, The

Fuller, James L.
Trafford Publishing

Katie is a sophisticated nine-and-a-half-year-old Girl Scout. Tommy is a mature ten-and-a-half-year-old Boy Scout. Aunt Deborah is a Professor of Psychology. Sigi is her fearless mixed breed dog. Together, the four of them think they are prepared for anything that might happen on a hike and a picnic. Of course, let us not forget that the hike takes place in the Appalachian Mountains in Eastern Kentucky. It is a very rugged place to live! The roads are not as well maintained as one would expect in most other areas of the country. Weather changes can happen without much warning. Coal mines are abundant. Most families have their own graveyards. The four adventurers start on their hike. All goes well for several hours. Lunch goes without any problems. Everything is going as expected! Then they notice some unnaturally shaped stones up on a ridge. They investigate and find an old graveyard. It appears to be a lost graveyard mentioned in local legends. While they are reading the old grave markers, a bad storm sneaks up on them. About then, the dog chases a raccoon into an old mine. The others follow him and take shelter in the mine.

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