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Books of Oz

Books by Fuller, James L.:

2009: Lost Coal Mine to Oz, The

2010: Borrowing Shop of Oz, The

2010: Don and Vicki, Co-Rulers of Oz

2010: Dorothy and the Computer Demons of Oz

2010: Whatever Happened to Dorothy of Oz?

2011: Adventures of Lefty in Oz, The (Vol. 1-5)

2011: Dr. Todd and the Magical Dental Chair to Oz

2011: Helda the Red Witch of Oz

2012: Dorothy and the Lost Coal Mine to Oz

2012: Helda the Blue Witch of Oz

2012: Helda the Green Witch of Oz

2012: Helda the Yellow Witch of Oz

2012: Land of Oz is For Everyone, The

2012: Reading Help in Oz

2013: Purple Bull From Oz, The

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