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Books of Oz

Books by Thompson, Ruth Plumly:

1918: Perhappsy Chaps, The

1921: Royal Book of Oz, The

1922: Kabumpo in Oz

1922: Princess of Cozytown, The

1923: Cowardly Lion of Oz, The

1924: Grampa in Oz

1925: Lost King of Oz, The

1926: Curious Cruise of Captain Santa, The

1926: Hungry Tiger of Oz, The

1927: Gnome King of Oz, The

1928: Giant Horse of Oz, The

1929: Jack Pumpkinhead of Oz

1929: Wonder Book, The

1930: Yellow Knight of Oz, The

1931: Pirates in Oz

1932: Purple Prince of Oz, The

1933: Ojo in Oz

1934: Speedy in Oz

1935: Wishing Horse of Oz, The

1936: Captain Salt in Oz

1937: Handy Mandy in Oz

1938: King Kojo

1938: Silver Princess in Oz, The

1939: Ozoplaning with the Wizard of Oz

1972: Yankee in Oz

1976: Enchanted Island of Oz, The

1985: Wizard of Way Up and Other Wonders, The

1992: Cheerful Citizens of Oz, The

1994: Hungry Tiger Tales Issues #1-9 & Special Edition

2003: Sissajig and Other Surprises

2007: Wish Express, The

2020: Royal Book of Oz, The

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