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Books by Sukhinov, Sergei:

1997: Fairy of the Emerald City, The (The

1997: Gingema's Daughter (The

1997: Sorceress Villina's Secret , The (The "Emerald City" Series)

1998: Eternally Youthful Stella, The (The

1998: Sorcerer's Sword, The (The "Emerald City" Series)

1999: Parcelius the Alchemist (The

2000: Battle in the Underground Kingdom (The "Emerald City")

2000: Black Fog, The (Tales of the "Emerald City")

2000: Corina and the Magic Rhino (Tales of the

2000: Corina and the Ogre (Tales of the

2000: Corina the Lazy Enchantress (Tales of the

2000: Crystal Island, The (Tales of the

2000: Little Dragon, The (Tales of the

2000: Sorceress Villina's Ward, The (Tales of the

2000: Three in the Enchanted Forest (Tales of the

2001: Goodwin, the Great and Terrible (Prequel to the Emerald City

2001: Master of the Winged Monkeys, The (Tales of the

2002: King Midgety (The "Emerald City" Series)

2002: Sorcerer from Atlantis, The (The

2004: Knights of Light and Darkness, The (Tales of the

2007: Tales of the Emerald City

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