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Books of Oz

Books by Xiques, Marin Elizabeth:

1990: Silver Shoes of Oz, The

1994: Silver Elf in Oz, A

1995: Shifting Sands of Oz, The

1998: Ridiculous Rivals in Oz

1999: Brewster Bunny and the Purloined Pachyderm of Oz, The

1999: Foolish Fable From Oz, A

1999: I Want to Grow Up in Oz

1999: Land Before Oz, The

1999: Mystical Magical Super Adventure in Oz, A

2003: Enchantment of Oz, The

2003: Magic Topaz of Oz, The

2008: Baffling Book About Bunnybury of Oz, A

2008: Bouncy Bunnies in Oz, The

2009: Sweet Wishes from Oz

2010: Havenly Dreams Beneath Oz

2012: 20,000 Leagues Under Oz

2012: Colorful Corniness in Oz

2017: Fairy Wand of Oz

2018: Umbrellaphant in Oz

2019: Under the Influence of Oz

2020: Rubber Ostriches of Oz, The

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